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Canadian actress and model Trisha Helfer has made a brilliant career in the modeling business and in the film industry. She went to the catwalks in the clothes of the world famous couturiers Giorgio Armani , Ralph Laurent , Gianni Versace . The audience remembered the star for the role of the sexual humanoid Number Six in the cult series, and settled in the Hollywood Hills after the release of a couple of sensational tapes.

Childhood and youth

Tricia Jeannine Helfer was born in the spring of 1974 in the sunniest Canadian province of Alberta. Childhood and adolescence were spent on a grain farm of parents in the company of three sisters. German, British, Swedish and Norwegian blood was mixed in Trisha’s veins.

A modeling agent drew attention to the young blue-eyed beauty when a 17-year-old girl with her friends came to a local cinema. The stranger’s offer to try his hand at the podium did not bother Trisha. This is how her model page in her biography began.

Personal life

The model met her future husband Jonathan Marshall in her youth, in 2002. A year later, the romance that broke out was crowned with a magnificent wedding. Marshall has nothing to do with the film industry and show business – he is a successful lawyer.

Trisha’s personal life was initially successful. The couple lived together for 14 years, but the couple never had children. In the spring of 2017, rumors erupted that the couple no longer lived under the same roof. In January 2018, Marshall and Helfer announced their divorce. The lawyer and the movie star were not told about the reasons for the separation to curious journalists.

In 2014, a celebrity starred in a video for PETA, an organization that fights for animal rights and humane treatment. Tricia encourages cat owners to keep animals indoors.


In the movie, the Canadian made her debut immediately in the title role, playing Sarah in the rating post-apocalyptic TV series Jeremiah with Luke Perry and Joseph Michael Strazhinski. In the same 2002, the actress starred in the “Hungry Artist” series of the police procedure “CSI: Crime Scene”.

Tricia Helfer really felt the taste of fame in 2003, when two high-profile projects with her participation appeared on the screens at once – the independent crime film White Fever, in which she played the main character Eve, and the sci-fi drama Battlestar Galaktika ””. Simultaneously with her work in the last project, the artist produced and hosted the “Next Top Model” television competition in Canada.


In 2006, Tricia appeared in the Canadian mystical drama Soul Collector and starred in the American thriller Spiral by Hollywood directors Adam Green and Joel Moore. The artist was entrusted with the role of Sasha. In the same year, Helfer appeared in the sequel to the sci-fi series about the cruiser “Galaxy” and the tape “Latex”, where she played Selena.


Tricia Helfer now

In the summer of 2019, the series “Lucifer” was extended for the 5th season and immediately announced that it will include 2 parts of 8 episodes, the first will begin showing in the summer of 2023, and the next – only in December. The main role remained with Tom Ellis , and Trisha again appeared in the form of Charlotte Richards – the lawyer, in whose body the mother of the fallen angel lived.

Helfer’s work did not stop there – in the summer of 2023, the release of the 6th season of “Lucifer” was announced, which was the last. New episodes were supposed to be presented in 2023.