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As they say, films are divided into 3 parts – good, bad and Indian. Along with the classic “Zita and Gita”, “Disco Dancer” and masterpieces that made Shah Rukh Khan famous all over the world, as well as the Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire”, there are those that are full of tricks outside the laws of physics. Sanjay Dutt is one of the famous “gangsters” in Bollywood, who has problems with the authorities in real life.

Childhood and youth

Sanjay is the successor of the acting dynasty. His parents are titled stars of India. Fatima Abdul Rashid, who also received the pseudonym Nargis on the set of her debut film, is the greatest actress, and Balraj, also known as Sunil, is her colleague in the shop who saved her from the fire and later became her husband, as well as the Guinness Book of Records record holder.

On July 29, 1959, in Bombay, the couple had their first-born son, Sanjay. Later, girls appeared in the family – Priya (1966) and Namrat, who published a book in 2007 in memory of their father and mother. Nargis’s grandmother was a singer, grandfather was a doctor. If you believe the information in the media, the name of the boy was chosen by the readers of the local magazine, where the spouses advertised. In parallel with this, the woman played in the film “Sanjay”, and the issue was resolved by itself.

Later, in the movie “Path of Fire,” Sanjay needed to appear bald in front of the cameras. At first they thought it would happen thanks to a special wig, but the heat ruined everything: it took another 3 hours to put it on, and 2 hours to take it off. As a result, he shaved his head and experienced genuine horror. After all, by his own admission, a man has never been without hair, even in childhood.

Sanjay made his acting debut at an early age – he starred in an episode with his father. By the way, the man, noticing that his son tried smoking at the age of 11, immediately sent him to a boarding school. In a new place, the boy immediately had a new hobby – love messages.

Sanjay Dutt  Net Worth

His Net Worth $ 100 million.

Sanjay dutt Body Measurements

Sanjay Dutt   Body Measurements 46-35-17 Inches. His Chest size 45 Inches, Waist size 35 Inches and Biceps size 17 Inches.

His Height 5 ft 9 in approx. 173  in cm and Weight 79 Kg approx. 172  in Pounds.

Shoe Size 10  (US) and Dress Size 11 (US).

Hair Color Black and Eye Color Dark Black


In 1981, thanks to his father acting as a director, Sanjay starred in the action movie Rocky . And although the film had nothing to do with the legendary work of Sylvester Stallone , except for the name, it became a hit because of its truly stellar cast.

The premiere was overshadowed by the death of her beloved mother, who dreamed of living and seeing her first child on the big screen. In the auditorium, a seat was reserved for her in the forefront. As the actor himself admitted, it was the family tragedy that pushed him to drugs, and he really filmed, being under the influence of illegal substances.

Almost every year after “Rocky” movies were released with Dutt, but the turning point in his career happened in 1986 – because of “Name”, where Sanjay’s partner was the husband of his younger sister. The tape brought commercial success and positive reviews from critics.


Following the example of the head of the family, Dutt tried his hand at the political arena during 2009-2010, he served as the General Secretary of the Socialist Party, but soon, disillusioned, left this field.

But after the death of her father, Sanjaya’s sister Priya, who became the secretary of the All India Congress Committee, showed herself very successfully.

Personal life

Now it is difficult to say the more famous the Indian actor is – on-screen gangsters, a criminal case or love stories. “Rocky” brought not only the first leading role, but also cooperation and close relationship with childhood friend Tina Munim. Their romance, in which there was a place for scandals with the police, ended because of the guy’s addiction

In 1998, Sanjay married a second time to Ray Pillai. The marriage lasted about 10 years – in recent years, a man and a woman have already lived separately. It was rumored that the reason for this was the hobby of Nadia Durrani, who prevented the reconciliation of the spouses, who soon also unexpectedly left the life of her beloved, as she appeared in it.

Further, the Indian macho allegedly found solace in the person of Lisa Rae, but she categorically rejected such statements. Dutt’s third wife was Manyata, who gave her husband twins, Shahran and Ikra, on October 21, 2010.

Sanjay Dutt Latest

At the end of July 2018, the premiere of the third part of the film “The Master, His Wife and the Gangster” took place in India, where Dutt again reincarnated as a criminal. A month earlier, the Sanju biopic about the artist’s career, personal life and criminal record was released.