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Rekha (real name Bhanurekha Ganeshan) is a Bollywood star who conquered India, the East and the rest of the world with her talent. During her career, the woman starred in more than two hundred films, wrote three books and recorded two studio albums. 

Her career as an actress began in 1966. While still a teenager, she starred in a dozen Bollywood films. She was repeatedly awarded the titles “Best Actress”, “The most beautiful woman in India”.

Childhood and youth

Rekha was born in Madras (now Chennai), Tamil Nadu, India on October 10, 1954. The girl grew up in an acting family, which affected her biography: her dad is an actor Gemini Ganeshan, and her mother is an actress of Telugu tapes Pushpavalli. Dad did not write down his daughter in his own name, because he was not scheduled with mom. Soon the man left the family.

As a child, Rekha dreamed of becoming a flight attendant, but at the request of her mother, at the age of 12, she first appeared in a movie. The girl has a talent for acting, so the producers immediately noticed her and offered a contract. At fourteen, she dropped out of school to focus on acting and help the family financially.

Rekha  Net Worth

Her Net Worth  6 million.


In 1981, the film “Slave” was released on the big screens. Rekha played the role of Tara, the fatal lovemaker. The film tells the story of a woman Daasi who dedicated her life to a blind musician, simply loving him and not demanding anything in return. The musician does not appreciate a woman at all, does not understand how much she gives him and that he cannot cope without her.

Bollywood masterpiece Thirst for Revenge was released in 1988. The film has become popular far beyond Asia. Rekha played the main role of the girl Artie. The film describes the life of an unfortunate woman who was left a widow with two children. Shortly after her husband’s death, Artie’s father is killed. She does not know what to do, and the cunning father’s director recommends her to marry her nephew.

Personal life

In the late 70s, all fans were discussing the romance of Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan . The man at that time was married to another famous Indian actress Jaya Bhaduri. Photos appeared in the press where Amitabh and Rekha walked together, kissed, but the wife pretended not to notice them.

The whole country was discussing their romance. Rekha understood that for her sake the man would not leave the family, but still continued the relationship. Until one day, Amitabh was injured on the set. He lay in a coma for six days, after which he parted with his mistress and returned to his family.

Rekha now

Now Rekha continues to act in films, but not as actively as in his youth. She herself chooses the projects in which she wants to participate. In 2014, the movie “Super Granny” was released. What project the woman is working on now is unknown.

She lives with her nephew Navid in Mumbai, where the actress has her own large country house with a swimming pool and garden. Farzana’s secretary lives with them, who has become Rekha’s best friend.