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Mukesh Ambani knew from an early age that he was going to become a worthy successor of the family business. He has managed to take his father’s company to the next level and topped the list of the wealthiest Indian businessmen.

Childhood and youth

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani was born on April 19, 1957 in the city of Aden, Yemen. Dhirubhai Ambani’s father was a native of India who came to the republic to work. To escape poverty, he had to fulfill the duties of a tanker, a loader and a merchant. As soon as the man realized that he was firmly on his feet, he decided to marry. Soon Mukesh was born – the eldest son and future heir of the family business, then the boy had sisters Nina and Dipti, as well as a brother Anil.

When Ambani was a child, the family moved to India. The father invested the accumulated money in the development of his own business – he began to trade in wool and spices. Thanks to the talent of an entrepreneur, Dhirubhai was able to expand his business and establish the manufacture of fabrics. His company Reliance Industries was among the first to use synthetic materials, which made it possible to reduce the cost of production.

Mukesh Ambani  Net Worth

His Net Worth US$76.5 billion

Personal life

The businessman also found family happiness at the suggestion of his father. Noticing a beautiful Indian dancer on the show, Dhirubhai thought about how to arrange his son’s personal life and organize a marriage. The dancer’s name was Nita. A schoolteacher by profession and an economist by training, she proved her smart business skills and was soon involved in the family business. After the wedding, the couple had three children – sons Akash and Anant, as well as daughter Isha.

In 2006, the billionaire decided to move the family to a new large home. Instead of buying ready-made housing, he started building an entire skyscraper. Construction lasted 4 years, after which Ambani moved to “Antilia” – a building 173 meters high, which has 27 floors.

Like a father, a man pays special attention to caring for his heirs and tries to give them all the best. Upon learning that Isha decided to tie the knot, the businessman decided to luxuriously celebrate his daughter’s wedding

The celebration began at the Taj Lake Palace Hotel and then continued at the family home. Singer Beyonce performed as a guest artist at the celebration , among the guests were Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and politician Hillary Clinton .


Dhirubhai was a wise man, therefore, during his lifetime, he transferred the management of the company into the hands of his sons, remaining its formal owner. By that time, Mukesh had received the appropriate education, so he was ready to continue his father’s work and was already developing his own ideas. At his suggestion, the business expanded to the telecommunications sector, and the first oil refinery was also built.

2002 was a difficult year for Ambani: the head of the family died without officially appointing a new head of the company. As the eldest son, Mukesh took over as chairman of the board of directors, and Anil sat in the chair of vice president. But this state of affairs did not suit both brothers, who wanted to develop Reliance Industries in different directions.

In subsequent years, the conflict escalated, and a war for power began between the men. Their mother tried to settle the situation, who suggested that the sons divide the company among themselves. Mukesh inherited the field of oil refining and textiles, Anil inherited energy and telecommunications. But the struggle continued for another 3 years, after which the heirs still managed to agree.

In 2008 Ambani was named the richest man in India by Forbes magazine. The man managed to achieve such a financial condition thanks to his own business tactics. He focused on scientific research in order to use only the latest developments. The billionaire also expanded production and built about 50 new businesses.

Gradually, the businessman began to spread his influence to other areas. He took up gas production and biotechnology, and in 2013 announced that he was going to provide the country with free mobile communications and the Internet. But already 7 months after the Jio 4G service was launched, its use became paid. This enriched the billionaire’s fortune.

A man tries to keep abreast of new trends in business, giving the impression of a versatile person. He attends social events and makes connections with influential people, although he denies using them. Ambani’s friends include politicians, show business stars and athletes.

Despite his desire to create a positive image, Mukesh has been criticized many times. Among the reasons for the dissatisfaction of Internet users and journalists is the purchase of land for the construction of their own skyscraper, on which it was previously planned to build an orphanage. The businessman was also accused of wasting money on the purchase of sports teams, houses and liners, instead of helping fellow citizens living in poverty.

Mukesh Ambani now

In 2023, the billionaire remains on the Forbes list of the richest people. Now he continues to do business and lead an active social life.

He has fan pages on Instagram, where family photos, news and facts from the biography are published