Manny Khoshbin Net Worth 2023


The 50-year-old guy is widely known for his uniqueness and beautifully framing his life as a writer and a real estate tycoon. This man mainly aims at money making by sharing all the knowledge he is blessed with through his books. Even at this age he still has the zeal to write books to earn some dollars and even as a millionaire he hasn’t stopped working only because he wants to keep himself rejuvenated to feel the waves of younger days. Though he writes books to share and express his knowledge but is very intimate. It was difficult to find information about him but hopefully there were some sources to support us. To learn more interesting things about this dynamic persona continue reading!

About Mr. Khoshbin


Manny is actually his nickname. Manuchehr is his original name. This person very dedicated and hard working. You might have heard about the ‘Khoshbin Company’ which is owned by him where he is both the president and CEO of the company. Some of his books give a brief insight on how to achieve success in life.Iran is his native which is not known to everyone where he was born and brought up. Later on his family got him to Kmart while he was 14-year-old where he attended a job in the same place at 16 years itself. In the same he got promotion in the sector of sports.

Early Life And Family

January 14 was the day he took birth. Iran became his native since 1971.Hr held a job at 16 along with attending graduation at a high school. This teen recognized his own knowledge needed to start a business and planned to be an entrepreneur as soon as he completed his graduation. Nothing much about his family is known except that he married in 2001 and was blessed with one child in 2012.As he was secretive not much is known.

Career And Milestones


As he initially started as a businessman after the completion of his graduation, he faced a lot of hurdles on his path. But his persistence accompanied him to be one of the successful personalities today and is capable of running a company. Also widely known as a real estate tycoon as its turnover is more than 22 lakh square ft. in the whole of US. He has molded him in such a way that he stands in the list of best real estate business holders. Along with all this he has his own YouTube channel with exceedingly impressive subscribers.

Things About Manny That You Never Knew

He is the owner of exotic supercars and lays great interest in them too. Though he is a successful entrepreneur, he never received any award. Magazines are adored with his talents and collection of supercars.

Net Worth


$80 million is the total estimation of his net worth which mainly comes from his company, YT channel, publishing books and other projects.