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American actress Lauren Graham has come a long way before becoming famous. The experienced experience now helps the artist not only in filming, but also in writing books.

Childhood and youth

The future actress was born on March 16, 1967 in Honolulu, the westernmost and southernmost major city in the United States. Now, as in Lauren’s year of birth, most of the inhabitants of the capital of Hawaii have Asian roots. The girl was named after her father – Lawrence Graham, who worked as the president of the confectionery association.

When Lauren was 5 years old, mother Donna Grant left her husband and daughter, preferring to the family a career as an actress and model. Lawrence and Lauren moved to the suburbs of Washington, since their father began working in the US Congress. Later, both parents entered into new marriages. Father and stepmother Lauren gave birth to 2 children, Donna gave birth to another daughter, Shade.

As a child, Graham was engaged in equestrian sports, but then dreams of an acting career supplanted all other plans in the American woman’s head. She graduated from Columbia University’s Bernard College in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and in 1992 she received her Master of Fine Arts in Acting from Southern Methodist University.

After completing her education, Lauren lived in New York City, earning a living as a waitress and tutoring for college entrance exam preparation courses.

Personal life

In her youth, Graham shared a room with the future UN Goodwill Ambassador, American actress Connie Britton . Since 2010, Lauren has been having an affair with actor Peter Krause, whom she met in 1995 on the set of the sitcom Carolina and the City.

However, colleagues entered into an intimate relationship only 15 years later, for this the artists needed to play members of the Braverman family in the serial drama Parents. In the filmographies of Lauren and Peter, who now live in Los Angeles, there is another common tape – the series “The Third Planet from the Sun”.

Movies and books

Lauren’s acting career began in 1994 with the role of Stryker’s dog, the mascot of the FIFA World Cup held in the United States. Graham and her partner all the competition departed in the form of animals, dressed in blue-red-white T-shirts with the inscription USA 94.

In 1995, Lauren moved to Hollywood. At first, the role of the aspiring actress was given only in commercials. Then in the life of Graham appeared shooting in low-budget serials that had low ratings. The sitcom “Radio News” turned out to be relatively successful, in which Lauren created a vivid image of the efficiency expert Andrea.

In the first half of the 2000s, the actress starred in the full-length films Sweet November, Bad Santa and Bald Nanny. Special assignment “. The producers filmed the first of these films for the sake of repeating the acting duet of Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron . However, the actors who brilliantly played the spouses in the mystical drama ” The Devil’s Advocate ” in “Sweet November” looked so unconvincing that they were both nominated for the anti-award “Golden Raspberry – 2001”.

In Bad Santa, Graham reincarnated as Sue, a woman with a Santa Claus fetish who becomes the lover of Billy Bob Thornton ‘s character , a professional thief who got a job in a hypermarket as a New Year’s wizard to rob a store. In the film “The Bald Nanny” Lauren got the main female role: the actress played the headmaster of the school where the eldest of the 5 children of the scientist Howard Plummer study, who must be guarded by the hero of Vin Diesel . In Evan the Almighty, the actress played the role of Evan’s wife, who, by the will of God, played by Morgan Freeman , had a chance to repeat the biblical feat of Noah .

Lauren Graham now

On January 7, 2023, NBC launched the show of Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist, a dramedy genre with musical elements. According to the plot, the girl-programmer suddenly has the ability of an empath: the heroine hears other people’s thoughts, but only in the form of songs. The main role in the series, renewed in June 2023 for the 2nd season, was played by Jane Levy , and Graham was reincarnated as Zoe’s boss, Joan.

In September 2023, after a hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic, filming resumed on the series Power Ducklings, based on the 1992 film of the same name. Lauren plays Alex, the mother of the protagonist, 12-year-old Evan, who helps her son create his own hockey team.


  • 1996 – The Third Planet from the Sun
  • 1997 – Seinfeld
  • 1998 – “True Values”
  • 2001 – Sweet November
  • 2003 – Bad Santa
  • 2005 – “Bald Nanny: Special Assignment”
  • 2007 – “Because I want it so”
  • 2000-2016 – Gilmore Girls
  • 2007 – Evan Almighty
  • 2008 – Birds of America
  • 2008 – A Glimpse of Genius
  • 2009 – “The Man Who Knew Everything”
  • 2010 – “It’s a very funny story”
  • 2010-2015 – “Parents”
  • 2014 – “This is a fucking Christmas miracle”
  • 2017-2019 – “Vampirina”
  • 2020 – “Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist”
  • 2020 – “Powerful Ducklings”