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John Abraham is an Indian actor, producer, ex-model. He is incredibly popular and in demand in Bollywood, and the European audience recognized him after the release of the film “Addiction” directed by Anurag Kashyap. The picture was greeted with a standing ovation at the Rome Film Festival, and for the actor, it became the starting point for further successful film career.

Childhood and youth

John Abraham was born in Mumbai on December 17, 1972. His father was the archaeologist Abraham John Sr., and his mother was housewife Firoza. The family of the future popular artist can be called international: John Abraham’s mother is a member of the Iranian Zoroastrian Parsi community, and his father is a Syrian Christian. When John was just born, his mother’s family named him Farhan, but the father soon baptized his son and gave him a more socially adapted name. The actor was brought up in the traditions of the Catholic faith. According to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Today he positions himself as an atheist agnostic.

Since childhood, John Abraham was an inquisitive and well-rounded child. The different national origins of his parents became an excuse for him to study the traditions and customs of the two peoples. In addition, even in his youth, the future artist learned several languages. Today he speaks Hindi, English, as well as Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam.

John’s family was wealthy, so he is not familiar with the poverty with which India and Mumbai in particular are often (and not unreasonably) associated in the minds of ordinary people. Abraham attended school, after which he entered Scottishand Jai Hind College, and then – at the university, at the Faculty of Economics. In addition to his studies, John was fond of sports: in his youth he was the permanent captain of the local football team, and also tried himself in motorsport.

John Abraham Net Worth

His  Net Worth $ 10 million.

John Abraham Body Measurements

John Abraham  Chest size 46 inches, Waist size 32 Inches and Hip size 34 Inches. 

Height 6 ft in approx and Weight 68 Kg approx. 123 in Pounds. She is slim in figure.

Her Body Measurements 46-32-34 Inches. Her

Her Shoe Size 6  (US) and Dress Size 8 (US).

Her Hair Color Black  and Eye Color Black


Gradually John realized that cinema is exactly what he would like to devote himself to. In order to seriously work on his acting skills, he enrolled in the appropriate school Kishore Namit Kapoor. His acting debut and career breakthrough was The Dark Side of Desire, released in 2003. The erotic tape blew up the Bollywood box office and turned John Abraham into a star.

Since then, the artist has graced many Indian films with his acting and has become one of the most famous actors in Bollywood and a nominee for a number of prestigious awards, as well as the unofficial leader in the number of “curiosities” during filming. So, during the filming of the film “Kabul Express” in Afghanistan, terrorists tried to assassinate a celebrity. During the filming of Shootout in Vadal, John suffered a fracture in his shin, a sprained tendon, and a torn ligament. And while working on another painting, Abraham managed to get a broken leg while playing cricket.

However, all films with his participation invariably win the love of the public, so these sacrifices are not in vain. In the tradition of Bollywood, John often sings songs for the films in which he acts, and does it with talent. The role of a pair of Abraham characters on the movie screen often goes to such popular Indian actresses as Kangana Ranaut,

braham also appeared in the film. The picture was warmly received by both spectators and film critics. The film was nominated for numerous awards and John Abraham received the Stardust Awards for it. It was also voted the most successful low-budget film by the ETC Bollywood Business Awards.

Of course, after such a success, he decided not to stop there and continued to produce. His next works were “Cafe Madras”, “Rocky Handsome”, “Power-2” and others.

Personal life

There are a lot of photographs of John Abraham with Indian beauties on the Web, with whom he is united only by joint films. Surprisingly, the artist has been loyal to one girl for 10 years. They met actress Bipasha Basu in 2001 and lived in a civil marriage. However, the girl, alas, did not wait for the marriage proposal: in the early 2010s, the actors parted. Both were silent about the reasons for the break, but in an interview, Bipasha said that the break was not amicable.

Priya Ranchal became John’s new darling – a charming beauty who has nothing to do with either the modeling business or the cinema. The girl works in the banking sector, but it was she who became the love of Abraham’s life and his lawful wife. Young people got married on January 3, 2014, the wedding took place in Los Angeles.

In 2012, the actor helped 30 unfortunate elephants find a home. He established India’s first elephant village in Maharashtra, for which he received the Eco Warrior award.

John Abraham now

In 2018, with the participation of John Abraham, it is planned to release several films at once, one of which will be produced by the actor himself – the dramatic thriller Parmanu: The Story of the Poor. He will also play the main role in the film. The film is based on real events that took place in the Indian province of Pokran in 1998. We are talking about nuclear tests carried out by the military, as well as the consequences that have affected the main characters

Robbie Grewal’s Romeo Akbar Walter is in development and will only be released in 2019. But it is already known that Abraham will play Romeo ..