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Are you looking for Darya Avratinskayabra size, body measurement, networth and more. Then you can get the details here Darya Avratinskayais a Hollywood movie star Daria Avratinskaya has been in the spotlight since childhood, because she is the daughter of Irina Apeksimova and Valery Nikolaev . But the girl did not want to take advantage of the star surname and made a lot of efforts to gain recognition as a talented theater and film actress.

Darya Avratinskayasize,measurement and more

Darya Avratinskaya/ Wiki

She is a bollywood actress

Her  Nick name is N/a

She was born in India on Nov 12, 1973.

Darya AvratinskayaNet Worth

Her Net Worth 6 million.

Darya AvratinskayaBody Measurements

Darya AvratinskayaBra size 36  inches, Waist size 34 Inches and Hip size 35 Inches. 

Height 5 ft 7 in approx and Weight 72 Kg approx. 120  in Pounds. She is slim in figure.

Her Body Measurements 36-34-35  Inches.

Her Shoe Size 5  (US) and Dress Size 4 (US).

Her Hair Color Black  and Eye Color blavk and brown

Childhood and youth

Daria Avratinskaya was born on March 14, 1994 in a family of famous Russian actors. The early years of her biography were spent on flights between Moscow and New York: her parents lived and worked for two countries.

According to the memoirs of a celebrity, the American part of her childhood was like a holiday, bright and colorful. Her father and mother often took her to Disneyland and took her with them to Broadway, which made an unforgettable impression on the girl.

There was a theater in Russia where Daria’s parents served, so she mostly whiled away the time behind the scenes, watching the actors play. The girl had the opportunity to meet many Russian celebrities, but she was especially delighted with communication with Andrei Panin , whom she gave the nickname Rezina.

When the future artist was 6 years old, her mother and father divorced, and she remained to live with Irina Viktorovna. Since the actress often disappeared on the set, her grandmother Svetlana Yakovlevna took care of the girl. She doted on her granddaughter, who grew up as a capricious and “loved” child. That is why the first years at school were so difficult for her, where Dasha was disliked by her classmates, who considered her a “thug”.

Theater and films

After graduation, Avratinskaya played on the stages of various Russian theaters, including the Taganka Theater, which is directed by her mother Irina Apeksimova. She has starred in Seagull 73458, Sweeney Todd, the Barber of Fleet Street, Run Alice Run, and Pride and Prejudice, for which she has received praise from audiences and critics.

The performer’s screen debut took place in 2013, when the premiere of the Toptuny series took place. The plot revolves around the employees of the secret service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who are engaged in the capture of especially dangerous criminals. In the project, Daria got the small role of Masha’s girl.

In 2016, the filmography of the actress was replenished with the series “Journalists”, and a year later she appeared before the audience in the form of Marika from the drama “The Optimists

“. Although participation in the filming did not bring popularity to the performer, she appreciated the experience gained. According to Avratinskaya, she did not strive to become a star, believing that art is much more important.

Personal life

According to the actress, she is in love with her profession, so there is almost no time left for her personal life. This is confirmed by the page on Instagram , where Daria prefers to publish photos from the theater and pictures from photo sessions, giving the impression of a person who is passionate about art.

However, rumors about Avratinskaya’s romance with director Alexei Frandetti, in whose projects she repeatedly received leading roles, do not subside on the Web. In an interview, the celebrity declined to comment on the information, so it was not officially confirmed.

Daria Avratinskaya now

In 2023, the artist again found herself at the center of a scandal due to her stellar origin. Stanislav Sadalsky accused Irina Apeksimova of deliberately promoting her “unsuitable daughter”, and criticized Daria’s performance in the play “Snow Maiden”. In the past, Daria’s mother has repeatedly stated that she did not take part in the career of the heiress, who achieved everything with her work.

Soon the audience was able to appreciate the acting abilities of Avratinskaya – in December the premiere of the melodrama “Unforgotten” took place, where she played the main role. Anna, played by the actress, is a young woman who comes to her senses after a terrible accident and tries to restore the memory of the past.