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Bensu Soral was not going to associate life with acting, but fate decreed otherwise. The Turkish star easily conquered the hearts of viewers thanks to the bright female images embodied in films and TV series.

Childhood and youth

Bensu Soral was born on March 23, 1991, according to the zodiac sign Aries. On the same day, her brother Bedirkhan Soral was born, with whom the actress maintains a warm relationship. As twins, they feel each other’s experiences even at a distance, and sometimes get sick at the same time.

The early years of the celebrity’s biography were spent in the Turkish city of Inogel, in which her father ran a furniture store. Mother, too, was far from art, but this did not prevent Benz from growing up as a creative person.

The girl received her secondary education at Anatolian High School, where she began to participate in performances. According to Soral’s recollections, she was a successful student and even then had a bright appearance, without making much effort. Bensu was much more worried about her figure flaws, so when she gained the extra 16 kg, she stopped eating.

Soral managed to lose weight, but the grueling diet cost her health. At first she was diagnosed with epilepsy, but later it turned out that it was a medical error. The artist had heart problems, because of which she should not worry, overload herself and play wind instruments.

Personal life

The personal life of a celebrity was successful, she is married to businessman Hakan Bash. Their acquaintance took place on the initiative of a man who sent Ben a gift to express his admiration. The artist published a photo of the presentation on the Instagram page and, on the advice of her sister, noted the future chosen one in the publication.

Soon Bash and Soral began to communicate, but the businessman had to work hard to win the heart of the beauty. In 2018, they played a lavish wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel. According to the actress, her husband is a loving and reliable person who supports her in all endeavors. The couple do not plan to become parents yet, because Ben needs to stay in shape in order to participate in advertising campaigns.


The screen debut of the young Turkish actress was the series Crossroads, where she played Aishe. After that, the filmography was replenished with such projects as “Conscience” and “Head Tilt”, but popularity came to her only in 2015, after Bensu got the main role in the drama “Pretty Little Liars”.

Bensu Soral 

In 2023, the artist had to face difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic, she was forced to leave filming and stay at home during quarantine. In addition, work on the drama “Intoxicated with Love” was suspended, in which Bensu starred with Shahab Hosseini

Now the celebrity continues to build an acting career, delighting fans with new projects. She maintains a page on Instagram, where she publishes photos and reports on the news.


  • 2012 – “Crossroads”
  • 2013 – “Conscience”
  • 2014 – Head Tilt
  • 2015 – Pretty Little Liars
  • 2016–2017 – “Inside”
  • 2018 – Outside
  • 2019 – “Money Trap”
  • 2020 – Intoxicated by Love