Anand Ahuja Net Worth 2023

Fashion world – isn’t it so vast and interesting with its own authenticity? So are the people who built the industry constantly working to improve the authenticity in every piece they design. Do you not wonder which famous personality we’ll be discussing today? Yes, one of the prominent faces in the fashion industry is Anand Ahuja, our today’s topic of discussion today. It’s not just a name but a brand,to know more let’s read further.

About Anand

The fashion celebutante of 38 years, Anand Ahuja from India who owns ‘Bhane‘,the biggest fashion brand who is also known to be the famous businessman.

‘Shashi Exports’, the largest apparel manufacturer and exporter established by Sarla Ahuja, Anand’s grandma has presently entitled him the managing director of the Shashi exports.Who doesn’t know Sonam? Sonam Kapoor is his pride,his wife which has also added up to his fame.

Early Life And Family

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Harish Ahuja,an entrepreneur and Priya Ahuja had three sons among which Anand Ahuja was the one and was brought up in the region of Jor Bagh. He is a Delhian.

Shashi exports is the entrepreneurship of Anand’s father who raised his sons with great integrity in an elite environment. Also they completed their studies in America.Amit Ahuja and Anant Ahuja are his siblings.

Sonam Kapoor ,the Bollywood icon is Anand’s wife ,whom he married in 2018 in a fancy mansion located in Mumbai. They clashed with each other in 2014 while Pernia Qureshi organized an event in Mumbai. As they were mutual friends with each other, this influenced a start to a romantic relationship between Sonam and Anand for more than two years which resulted in tying a knot on May 8.

Career And Milestones

Anand was a bright student and completed his education from the American Embassy School in India.Later on he completed his graduation from Wharton School of Pennsylvania, in USA.

His career as a businessman started due to his interest in finance. He had also worked as a banker in the Deutsche Bank in Amazon and also worked for Macy’s ,an omnichannel retailer. He returned to his motherland to help his family business.

His conscience at developing business was at a peak which gave him the idea to stand as ‘Bhane’ ,his self-made company that earns a profit of $150 million per annum. His Veg Non Veg consisting of curated brands has yielded him a greater part of his popularity and income.

Surprising Facts About Anand

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Anand’s main interest other than financing lies in basketball. Los Angeles also gains his support for their team.
Anand currently lives in Golf Links.

Net Worth

As we know that he is the owner of the biggest fashion brands in India,he’s total wealth is estimated to be $650 million from his family business Shashi exports,’Bhane’ and from his sneaker retails. Others include his NottingHill, London with a mansion, Toyota Fortuner followed by his other highly expensive cars.